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16-Jan-2015 (0) Informix DBA Training - January 26-29, 2015 Lester Knutsen
13-Jan-2015 (0) Informix Webcast - Best Practices for Informix Developers by Lester Knutsen
7-Jan-2015 (3) After shutdown "Error initializing shared memory" m
5-Jan-2015 (0) Informix for Database Administrators class on January 26-29, Lester Knutsen
23-Dec-2014 (0) informix data source and IBM Change Data Capture (CDC) m
9-Dec-2014 (0) Informix Training in 2015 Lester Knutsen
9-Dec-2014 (2) XML Functions m
11-Nov-2014 (0) Informix DBA Training Lester Knutsen
10-Nov-2014 (4) Priting underline in 4gl m
6-Nov-2014 (2) Regular Expressions m
5-Nov-2014 (0) Informix Column Encryption and Security Webcast Nov 10, 2013 Lester Knutsen
2-Nov-2014 (0) Do you have a new Informix DBA that needs training to get up Lester Knutsen
26-Oct-2014 (0) Informix Training Schedule for 2015. Lester Knutsen
3-Oct-2014 (2) Problem with SPL stored procedure, prepared statement, and " Sean Baker
3-Oct-2014 (0) Webcast: How to Secure your Data - Informix Column Encryptio Lester Knutsen
2-Oct-2014 (3) Level 0 onbar suddenly slow... Malc P
30-Sep-2014 (1) Rows into columns m
29-Sep-2014 (0) The BIGINT and BIGSERIAL data types m
26-Sep-2014 (3) Another virtualised server issue - onsoctcp stops connecting Malc P
23-Sep-2014 (0) Avamar backup solution m
10-Sep-2014 (2) Removing duplicates m
8-Sep-2014 (6) Down chunk on a very old IDS... Malc P
3-Sep-2014 (0) Informix DBA training for New DBA's September 15-18, 2014. Lester Knutsen
6-Aug-2014 (0) Curious issue when using REPLACE() with CAST() and bind valu Lukas Eder
6-Aug-2014 (1) General syntax error raised from CONNECT BY query in Informi Lukas Eder

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