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Page 1 of  1 C++ Builder VCL-General Articles Found 12
How to move a TImage on a scrollbox 9-Sep-2004
How to separate words from a sentence into a Stringlist with one line of code. 9-Aug-2004
How to set a horizontal scrollbar to a listbox? 8-Aug-2004
How to reposition the cursor in a TEdit 26-Jul-2004
How to Display a TListBox with alternating colors. 8-Jul-2004
How to determine if a TListBox has a scrollbar 13-Jun-2004
How to save items of a TComboBox to an ini file 13-Jun-2004
How to dynamically identify checkboxes 9-Jun-2004
How to set the item index in a TRadioGroup without firing the OnClick event 9-Jun-2004
How to drag items from a TTreeView onto a TListBox 8-Jun-2004
How to make a round form or window. 4-May-2004
How to display multiple lines in a hint. 2-May-2004
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