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Page 1 of  2 Delphi COM+ Articles Found 26
Distributable COM Objects on Remote Machines 10-Oct-2004
Get the HTML Code out of all Internet Explorer Instances 2-Oct-2004
Attaching to COM from a DLL 14-Aug-2004
How to add menu items to windows explorer / desktop context menu 9-Nov-2003
Open a webpage in a webbrowser that's allready active 12-Sep-2003
Attributes/Advantages Of COM 12-Sep-2003
JIT Activation/Deactivation in COM+ 12-Sep-2003
Object Pooling in COM+ 6-Sep-2003
Microsoft automation: dataset export and printing 19-Aug-2003
Description of Instancing and Threading Models in COM-servers 4-Jun-2003
Adding Explorer Bar 2-Jun-2003
How to Add Explorer MenuItem 2-Jun-2003
Adding Explorer ToolBar Btn 2-Jun-2003
Use the IExtractImage interface to get image thumbnails from Windows 3-Jan-2003
Determine if a COM object is registered 14-Nov-2002
Streaming COM Objects as XML 12-Nov-2002
How to detect if DCOM is enabled 1-Nov-2002
How to detect if DCOM is installed 2 1-Nov-2002
COM/OLE Object Name Utility Procedure 22-Oct-2002
How to use the Photoshop COM interface with Delphi 30-Aug-2002
How to check if Netscape or IExplorer is running and get the current URL 29-Aug-2002
How to form a DDE link with a Netscape browser 29-Aug-2002
How to Create a unique GUID (for COM) 24-Aug-2002
Catching Browsers URLs with DDE 24-Aug-2002
How to use DDE link to Netscape 24-Aug-2002
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