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Page 1 of  3 Delphi Object Pascal-Strings Articles Found 69
How to use a secure compression for TStringList 7-Feb-2004
Count the number of words in a string 6-Feb-2004
Converting enumerated type values into strings 2-Jan-2004
Duplicate the string sorting of the Windows XP Explorer 2-Jan-2004
Remove extra spaces from a string 5-Dec-2003
How to get the number of occurrences of a substring within a string 12-Sep-2003
Parsing quoted strings 7-Sep-2003
How to Determin if a Unicode string is Baltic or Russian 24-Aug-2003
A Class for Get Tokens, Parse Strings, Count Words, Search Tokens 26-Jul-2003
Next Position of a sub-string in a string 29-May-2003
How to Split a string in a string list 27-May-2003
How to Split a string in an dynamic array 27-May-2003
Counting occurrences in a string 22-May-2003
How to determin the actual length of a DBCS string (multibyte-character ANSI str 22-May-2003
How to Determin if a string matches a pattern with wildcards ('?' and '*') 21-May-2003
How to convert a WideString to a String 5-Apr-2003
How to Convert a Unicode string to a normal string 26-Mar-2003
How to convert a decimal number string to a Base36 number string 16-Mar-2003
how to Implode / Explode methods like in PHP 22-Feb-2003
Howt to extract string property values from DFM files 6-Feb-2003
How to convert a number to text 21-Jan-2003
How to Parse Strings using TParser 21-Jan-2003
How to implement the RPos 7-Jan-2003
How to remove blocks of text 7-Jan-2003
How to Passing String Parameters to WinAPI Functions 27-Dec-2002
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