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Page 1 of  7 Delphi Algorithm Articles Found 159
Convert Boolean to Integer 6-Dec-2006
how to return only the numeric value of a string 4-Jul-2005
How to Copy a substring from after string1 to before string2 4-Jul-2005
Bubble Sorting in Delphi/Pascal 28-Mar-2005
How to varify a Email Address 20-Jul-2004
how to use Case structure with strings 21-Jun-2004
How to Handle lots of classes at runtime 21-Jun-2004
Simulation of CLU iterators. 22-Mar-2004
How to Implement an Array Property 2-Jan-2004
Case statement that *accepts* string values 30-Dec-2003
How to Create a thread-safe wrapper class for TCustomIniFile descendents 23-Nov-2003
How to merge the sections of two TIniFiles 23-Nov-2003
How to Undo - Redo using State (update 2) a 9-Nov-2003
How to use Undo Redo using Commands 9-Nov-2003
How to use Virtual Methods and Polymorphism Part 1 31-Oct-2003
How to use virtual Methods and Polymorphism Part 2 31-Oct-2003
How to Reduce Source Code Complexity in your application 31-Oct-2003
How to use the GetKerningPairs function 23-Oct-2003
How to Improve your Object classes reliability 18-Oct-2003
Simple Implementation of LZW Compression / Decompression Algorithm 18-Oct-2003
Determine whether the value in a variant type variable is an Determine whether 4-Oct-2003
How can many objects be notified by an event 23-Sep-2003
Inheritance - Creating Sub / Super Classes - A Guideline... 21-Sep-2003
How to use default Array Properties 18-Sep-2003
How to find a constant dynamically 18-Sep-2003
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