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Page 1 of  7 Delphi Win API Articles Found 174
How to read the contents of a SafeArray 7-Jul-2006
How to use HTML Help in Delphi Applications - a primer 9-Nov-2004
How to Implement Shell Search Handler using Delphi 7-Nov-2004
How to make a transparent form under Windows 2000 and XP 25-Oct-2004
How to use transparent Forms in Delphi : Practical advices 25-Oct-2004
How to ping without raw sockets 25-Oct-2004
How to detect the change of the Date or time of you PC. 17-Oct-2004
How to write Delphi apps in a Terminal Server environment. 3-Oct-2004
How to retrieve list of exported functions from a DLL 30-Aug-2004
How to prevent extended close options in your application 23-Aug-2004
How to disable the close X button on a form? 8-Aug-2004
How to copy an image and text to the clipboard at the same time 29-Jul-2004
How to hook into the WM_WindowPosChanging message 29-Jul-2004
How to determine the language of the Windows installation. 2-Jul-2004
How to make a form non-moveable 20-Jun-2004
How to recognize a applications is frozen or not Responding 15-Jun-2004
How to detect when CD is inserted in a CDROM drive 14-Jun-2004
How to detect if an executable is running. 14-Jun-2004
How to remotly shutdown a PC on a network. 12-Jun-2004
How to change your screen resolution 8-Jun-2004
How to determine if the Active Desktop is enabled. 13-May-2004
How to get the current Username. 13-May-2004
How to Dynamically net send a messages to a remote PC. 3-May-2004
How to get the keyboard input language 14-Apr-2004
To send Mail from ShellExecute command 17-Mar-2004
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