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Page 1 of  2 Delphi OO-related Articles Found 31
Automated object property creation and destruction using RTTI and metaclasses 22-Mar-2007
How to get the published properties of an persistent object 21-Mar-2007
How to hide and show controls by name during run time 6-Sep-2005
What is a DispInterface? 7-Feb-2004
How to Implement the Choice Pattern 25-Jan-2004
How to create an interfaced object with no automatic destruction 19-Dec-2003
How to add Interfaces to a List 10-Nov-2003
Wrapping filters around TStream classes 23-Sep-2003
How to type cast and type check with Interfaces 7-Sep-2003
A Simple example of Artificial Intelligence using Delphi Array 22-Jun-2003
One way to copy whole contents of an array into another array 18-Jun-2003
Dynamic arrays an approach 15-Jun-2003
How to create an interfaced TStringList 19-May-2003
Delphi translation of the IAutoComplete interface 19-May-2003
How to write a stack class for Interfaces 19-May-2003
A Delphi translation of the IAutoComplete interface 1-Mar-2003
How to construct a class instance from a string 6-Feb-2003
How to handle previous instances of an application 8-Jan-2003
How to Implement object persistence using streams 8-Jan-2003
Implementing object persistence using streams 8-Jan-2003
How to use the IExtractImage interface to get image thumbnails from Windows 3-Jan-2003
Copying files in delphi using streams 27-Dec-2002
How to get the TObject from an Interface 14-Nov-2002
How to Get a lot of files in one stream 7-Nov-2002
Streaming Components 7-Nov-2002
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