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Page 1 of  3 Delphi Multimedia Articles Found 75
How to Eject and close CD-Drive 8-Aug-2004
How to play system sounds. 26-Jul-2004
How to play windows system sounds. 15-May-2004
How to convert a Flash SWF to EXE? 14-Apr-2004
How to determinate the bitrate of a WAV file 14-Apr-2004
OpenGL III: Moving and rotating 3D shapes 22-Feb-2004
OpenGL II: moving and rotating 2D shapes 7-Feb-2004
How to combine multiple wave files into a single one 9-Jan-2004
Create an autorun CD 2-Jan-2004
Get notified: CD in/out 5-Dec-2003
How to Open and Close a CD Tray a better way 20-Nov-2003
OpenGL I: Hello World 10-Nov-2003
How can I play an MPEG file in Delphi apps 4-Oct-2003
How can I write an Autorepeat Function for Mediaplayer 28-Sep-2003
What is DelphiX? 28-Sep-2003
How to Convert SWF to EXE using Delphi 18-Sep-2003
How to extract swf from Flash Projector (EXE) 18-Sep-2003
Muting and revoicing the audio from your application 2-Sep-2003
How to extract WAV files from Audio CD 30-Aug-2003
How to parse a wave file 28-Aug-2003
Speech Part 1 - How to Add "Text to Speech" (Speech Synthesis) to your Delphi Ap 25-Aug-2003
Speech Part 2 - How to Add Simple Dictation speech recognition to your Delphi Ap 25-Aug-2003
How to Get and Set volume (soundcard) 19-Jun-2003
How to write wave files to disk 10-Jun-2003
Changing Position of Current Played Track in TMediaPlayer 2-Jun-2003
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