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Changing the z-order of controls Turn on/off line numbers in source code. Switch to Orginial background IDE or DSP color Comment or reply to this aritlce/tip for discussion. Bookmark this article to my favorite article(s). Print this article
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			Author: Daniel Wischnewski

How to move a control just one position within the z-order of the parent.


The default methods

Usually you can bring any control on a form to front or send it to the back using 
the methods supplied with the TControl class. 



However, often these methods will not suffice. If you want to move the control just 
one position, there are no public methods to acompolish just this. In the private 
section of the TControl-class you find the method SetZOrderPosition which you 
cannot use. Looking at the source code, you'll notice, you cannot even cut-n-copy 
that, as it is accessing some private variables/objects, which are not made public 

A simple solution

The solution, to work around this limitation, is to move the control either to the 
top or the back and move the others, that should remain in front (or behind), too. 
The following procedure will do just this. 

The first parameter Sender takes the control to be moved. The second paramter 
points the direction. True will bring it to front, False will move it to the back. 

1   procedure ChangeControlZOrder(Sender: TObject; MoveUp: Boolean = True);
2   var
3     I, Curr: Integer;
4     Control: TControl;
5     List: TList;
6   begin
7     if Sender is TControl then
8     begin
9       // sender is an control
10      Control := Sender as TControl;
11      // check for parent control, managing the z-order
12      if Control.Parent = nil then
13        // not available
14        Exit;
15      // get position of the sender
16      Curr := -1;
17      for I := 0 to Pred(Control.Parent.ControlCount) do
18        if Control.Parent.Controls[I] = Sender then
19        begin
20          Curr := I;
21          Break;
22        end;
23      if Curr < 0 then
24        // hm, position not found
25        Exit;
26      List := TList.Create;
27      try
28        if MoveUp then
29        begin
30          for I := Curr + 2 to Pred(Control.Parent.ControlCount) do
31            // get the other controls, to be moved, too
32            List.Add(Control.Parent.Controls[I]);
33          // bring sender to front
34          Control.BringToFront;
35          for I := 0 to Pred(List.Count) do
36            // move the remaining controls
37            TControl(List[I]).BringToFront;
38        end
39        else
40        begin
41          for I := 0 to Curr - 2 do
42            // get the other controls, to be moved, too
43            List.Add(Control.Parent.Controls[I]);
44          // send sender to back
45          Control.SendToBack;
46          for I := Pred(List.Count) downto 0 do
47            // move the remaining controls
48            TControl(List[I]).SendToBack;
49        end;
50      finally
51        List.Free;
52      end;
53    end;
54  end;


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